Not happy with government leadership on causeway problems

What follows is not an endorsement of a candidate but a condemnation of current leadership.

Island residents are currently under siege by bikes, changing speed limits, enhanced enforcement, and hundreds of thousands of county tax dollars spent on traffic mitigation studies.

Add to which the peloton studies underway, and the resurrection of the causeway’s privatization in the name of two cyclists sadly killed in crowded Sunday traffic on the City of Miami’s jurisdiction of the causeway.

But by now we know the tragedy (had) nothing to do with speeding traffic or out of control pelotons.

But that’s about all we do know. Strangely, the specific details, police report, and resolution of the incident that set off this chain of events – unprecedented in Rickenbacker history – remains a mystery three months after the fact.


Is this a $250,000 diversionary study to distract from the more significant issues? For instance, that the county has let the causeway devolve into a poorly planned, out-of-control, overcrowded, unsupervised mess of bikes, traffic, and lousy bridge maintenance? Or, to forget the horrible county custodial oversight of tolls, with millions missing annually from the Rickenbacker coffers – whisked off to budgets still unknown? Or, so we won't ask why the Key Biscayne Village Council is so complacent, only offering lip service objections when we have real-life/safety issues? Or, why even minor accidents and events completely gridlock the islands only ingress/egress to the mainland?

How about citizens demanding a county study, installing temporary emergency lanes – so when some drunk's boat falls off its trailer we are not all stuck on the island for three hours?

If this is the best we can get from our government leaders, it's time for new leadership.

Charles H Collins.


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